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    Advanced Torque Products is a Veteran Owned Company that satisfies your large and small torque needs with a wide range of precision torque wrenches including Click-Out and Clutch-Out Wrenches, Socket Wrenches, Rotary Load Cells and Digitally Controlled Multipliers.

    In addition to ± 1% accuracy within the full range, our products can provide measurement data in Ft/Lbs, In/Lbs, N/M, K/G or custom units.  Our product line is completely interchangeable and adaptable which allows our wrenches to interface with existing tooling.

    Advanced Torque Products also provides a full range of innovative precision Calibration Systems and Torque Measuring Devices as well as Custom Ergonomic Tooling, Fixtures, Adapters, Material Handling Devices, and Portable Work Stations.  We continue to lead the industry through invention and innovation.

    Our dedication to manufacturing accurate, lightweight torque systems for the aerospace, marine, land turbine, industrial, automotive and commercial sectors has made our company the premium name in torque equipment.

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss all of your torque needs.

    U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,434,389 and 8,991,284

    Recent News:

    Blog – Do Your Tools Get the Level of Care They Deserve:

    Regular preventive maintenance for corporate equipment is very important, as the cost of unplanned downtime, delayed product delivery, and customer service issues can severely hurt even the most successful company. Equipment failure can also have a ripple effect if the failure of a tool or machine consequently damages other tools and equipment. When a wrench is sent to ATP for calibration, the wrench is thoroughly evaluated to determine its overall condition before it is put onto the calibration stand. Our goal is to make sure that any small issues are fixed before they become larger ones. Read More…

    4th Quarter Newsletter – Get to Know the Advanced Torque “Little Guy”:

    • The ATP 300/450/750 Torque Wrench Series provides high accuracy in a small package
    • Learn more about Helicopter Association International (HAI)
    • Are Your Workers Practicing Safe Tool Usage?
    • Meet the newest ATP employee
      Read More…

    Blog – Safe Tool Usage:

    Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs are widely recognized as necessary, and in many cases mandatory, to minimize a worker’s exposure to hazards that can cause serious workplace injuries. For those workers involved in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft engines, helicopters, industrial turbines, and other large equipment, ensuring worker safety is paramount and should be ingrained in the daily routine of all involved. In addition to required PPEs, the tools that workers use also need to be considered in any safety routine.

    Safety starts when evaluating tools prior to their purchase. What are some things to consider? Read More…

    3rd Quarter Newsletter – The Importance of Tool Verification & Calibration:

    • Torque Tools Designed Especially for the Boeing CH-47
    • New Employee Joins ATP
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    Blog – Torque Wrench Calibration 101:

    A ruler. A measuring cup. A stop watch. What do all of these things have in common? These measuring devices are part of everyday life whether we’re doing routine home improvement projects, cooking, or participating in sports. It’s important that measuring devices are accurate, and even more so when the measuring device is used to design, build and maintain aerospace engines and aircraft and safety is at stake. Read More…

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